Wake up and smell the roses.

Do you ever feel like you are just floating through life? It is a strange feeling. You are going through the motions every day but without any real purpose. I think that people innately want to have purpose. So, when you start to feel like you are floating it probably means that you are yearning for change and purpose in your life.

Of course, diet, exercise, and sleep are all important to sustaining our bodies and ultimately our lives; however, to feel real purpose a person must also have attainable goals.

Some people make travel arrangements so that they have something to look forward to in order to curb the office doldrums. Others have bucket lists in which they check off all the things they want to accomplish before a certain age or within a lifetime. But sometimes it is really hard to get out of that rut in order to find our purpose and live.

So, how do we start living? Here are just a few tips.

Don’t over analyze your past. There is a reason why the adage “Put the past in the past” has stuck around so long, because you cannot change the past. However, you can learn from your mistakes and apply those lessons to your future. So, analyze your past, learn your lessons, apply those lessons to better your future, and move on.

Don’t fixate too heavily on the future. Having dreams and aspirations are good things. But focusing all of your efforts to future goals prevents experiencing the present. So be present. Enjoy your family, friends and other present life experiences while being mindful of achieving your future goals. Exist for the journey, not just the destination.

Avoid negative relationships. Break away from people who do not make you feel good. You know who I am talking about. Those people that sabotage your growth and/or do not appreciate your worth. Sometimes we cannot escape certain relationships (like family members or co-workers), in which case you must set boundaries within the relationship and stick to them.

Be more with less. Clarity and focus are the keys to opening the door to success. Sometimes we cannot help but want to be everything at the same time which forces us to do an immense amount of multi-tasking. Generally, people are less productive when they try to accomplish things under the guise of a hyperactive Energizer bunny. Be focused and accomplish one task at a time. Have clarity to play things out so that you can accomplish all that needs to be done in the most effective manner possible.

I hope these tips help. But, at the very least, I hope these tips get you thinking about how to better yourself. Wake up and smell the roses by living a better life today!


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